So they're putting a bunch of trout in Cunningham

The DFG is planting trout in cunningham three weeks in a row and the fourth plant is occurring two weeks after the 3rd plant.

I'm so disappointed by their decision. The water clarity and catch rate at Cunningham is so bad. You couldn't see your finger if it was 3 inches under the surface. Most of the fish are going to the pelicans and the cormorants. I didn't pay for my license to feed the birds. They should halve the number of fish going to cunningham and stock the second pond at Los Gatos Perc Ponds.

So after that little rant, is anyone catching fish there at the moment?

I wonder why Sandy Wool isn't getting stocked. It met the stocking evaluation protocol for 2010.
I agree, Cunningham is a nasty "lake" IMO. Send some of those fish to Lexington or Steven's Creek! Oh yea, they're still up for review :p
Theyre still up for review? I thought it was determined that they werent getting stocked.
Not quite sure their status, from what I understood is that they just have not yet been evaluated, therefore, cannot be stocked yet. Don't know how they choose what bodies of water to evaluate I just know we got screwed in SJ area. Closest decent fishing is Quarry Lakes, Campbell perc ponds are a joke if you can't make it within a few days of planting.

I'm just bitter, been so hard to get the kids on some good trout fishing so far, only had luck with one trip to the Quarry. Maybe we'll have better luck crabbing this weekend :D
I think that of the body of water they are stocking empties in anyway possible into a stream where steelies or salmon run, they will not stock that body of water. Hence the cuts to Yote, Coyote Creek, and other popular place to fish for trout in the South Bay.
Right theyre not planting human cultivated trouts into water sources that have species of concern: steelhead, salmon, red legged frogs and etc.
Actually the fee for your fishing license does go to fisheries & wildlife conservation and planting trout can help give the parks ecosystem a boost. I think you are looking at it the wrong way.