some quagga mussel pictures from SD

Thought I would share a few pictures my dad sent me of the quagga mussels while out fishing in San Diego at El Capitan. The water level dropped and exposed all the quagga mussels on the rocks, bushes and trees...they are all over the place. He said you pretty much have to fish braid or you have to retie every few casts. Crazy how they take over! [8|]
If one of my local fishing holes were ever to look like this I'd be SUPER bummed. Wow.
this is San Justo, the cause for all the local inspections...

Thats why no one should complain about inspectiond.
"damn liberal environmentalists with their agendas. they just want our money!"

The water district is more concerned about the condition of their output valves. These quagga mussels colonize in great numbers and can plug up the valves that are found at the reservoir spillways. Most of our reservoirs require a valve to provide for adequate flows into the creeks which not only have our native steelhead/salmon but are also where the water percolates into the aquifer. We take a good amount of water out of the aquifer for municipal use and drinking water.

It's a shame people have to see something burn before believing that it's flammable.
you just never really know. i wouldn't have ever thought it be this bad so close to home!