Sorry for late report

Went out to Anderson Sat/Sun. I was bankin it. Walked out to the end of the red rock wall past the dam. Nailed 4 all on shaky heads witha Mis Trixie reaction. The biggest 3.5. Sunday i got out there at 830...same spot..first cast shaky head..FISH ONN!! Another 3lbr. Third cast i hit another. I was there for only an hour so and landed 3 loosing one. The bite seems on from the dam to the end of the red rocks. Many boat anglers were out as well,many are wgetting aquainted for the upcomin tourney. A few boats fished the same area as i did about 30 yards out. They were drop shotting the whole time bringing in bout 2 per rod. ;)
Have fun guys and fish it slow...its only gonna get better :D
I was there sat. w/ a buddy at Woodchoppers and it was great!!!!!! :D No sooner did we cast, we had bites! It was windy and choppy but we had such a great time.....landed 3, 'bout 3lbs each, my buddy hooked a fatty but we lost it... :'( Went back Sunday w/ the hubby (he saw the pics i took and the bug bit him) but the bite was off, water was like glass, no wind, etc. Just a few bites and lost a little one in the weeds.
. Just a few bites and lost a little one in the weeds.

Theres weeds right now? I thought they don't bloom until the beginning of summer?
spring time new growth the weeds were under the water during winter and start to grow up and show around summer
Im gonna head out again..i think on Thursday. I was shooting for Friday but, I heard a small rain system will be moving in for the weekend. The bite hopefully will still be on.