South Bay lakes.

New to the site been bass fishing pretty heavily this past year. Spend most of my time between Anderson and coyote. Looking to venture out to some new lakes. Does anyone have any info on almaden, Stevens creek reservoir. I see on previous posts that it can be good. Any recent reports or suggestions on places I should try. And help would be greatly appreciated.
To be honest bro u gotta just get out there and hit it up man to be honest it may be tough during winter i switch to trout till the spawn begins but u can give it a try most of the bass are be headed to deeper water.
what fishing technic do you prefer ?
I'll tell you where to go.
No personal preference yet. Still learning. Feel most confortable drop shotting, probably cause I get the best results that way. Starting to throw a jerk bait. Just looking for any word on what reservoirs I should try and which ones aren't worth the time. Thanks for the help.
Personally I don't like fishing Almaden, there's some big fish in there but whenever I'm out there it's always crowded. Much rather make the trip to Yote, Anderson, Calero.
Are you talking about Amaden park or reservoir? Passes by Amaden reservoir in the hills off alamitos. My only question is where do you park. There is no parking on alamitos road.
Almaden Reservoir is a nice spot but yeah, parking sucks, you need to take a nice walk to get to the water.
I'm talking about Almaden Park, I fish the res a few times a year, mostly during spawn and the summer. I park along the road in the cove area and hike around to the other side, theres a little channel that runs through the other side and is a lot deeper then the side that the road is on. Lots of mats and cover as well. I fish Guadalupe a ton, which is a lot like Almaden Res, just a lot easier to get around at.
And I'm stoked because the water level at Guad rose a ton!
Is Guadalupe easier to access than alamaden reservoir?
Guad is super easy to access, theres two different spots to park on the side of the road, both have trails 20 feet from them, I park to the one next to the dam and just walk down the trail and dam, It filled up a ton so you can't access the whole shore anymore unfortunately
What hours can you fish those reservoirs.
Guadalupe and Almaden are 24x7 since it's street parking. I think Calero is pretty much the only place around here that's tough to get to when the gates aren't open since there's no place to park otherwise.
Nice. I will have to check them out soon.
Steven's Creek Reservoir has been just a puddle. Lower than Chesbro
Stevens creek is over 60% full now .
not sure of the fishing .