South bay reservoir water levels

Looks like the a few of the south bay reservoirs have been steadily decreasing in their water levels: It also doesn’t look like we’re gearing up for any decent rain any time soon. :fearful:

Has anyone fished some of these lakes and reservoirs during at low water levels? I’m wondering if it becomes easier to some degree since there’s technically less water for the bass to hide in and more shoreline access.

Just hope the rainy season can deliver and help keep some of these fisheries healthy!

I’ve hit Stevens. Still fishable just gotta navigate all the near shore debris as you walk the bank or dam embankment.

Some of the other watersheds are okay. Maybe they’re just draining that one particularly

Alas, Stevens Creek is the closest “large” body of water to me with bass in it, so I’ll likely still be fishing it hard through the winter. Hoping for some giant bites on finesse!