South Delta tournament

My old lady and I fished a team tourney out of Tracy on the 25th. Right after two weeks of unseasonal hot weather, it starts raining for four days. we have only fished that area of the delta for two days, and only a few hours each time. go out the day before fished for two hours for only two bites. I had one and she had one. So I'm thinking we should be able to scratch out five for an eight hour tourney. So sunday morning it seemed like the wind died down and was going to be a decent day. (not so) After a half hour it starts blowin like crazy. And at the time it is blowin with the current. had the trolling motor on 70 just to stay in one spot. went three hours without a bite. finally caught a 1 3/4 on a crank. Another three hours go by without a bite. and we're throwin shakey heads, d.s., jigs, jerkbaits, you name it, just trying to get bit. finally catch number two on a 10 inch powerworm. this one was about the same size as the first. So fish the last two hours with one more bite, but didn't hook up. three bites all day with only two dinks. Went to the weigh-in thinking we were gonna get spanked, I mean it's the delta right. fishing against people who live there. Well out of thirty two boats we beat out 19 of them with 3.30 lbs! first place had 12.56 lbs. They had big fish for 7.1 lbs. caught on a jig. I think 13 boats didn't even bring in a fish. And only two limits were caught! That blew me away. So all in all not a bad day for us. I guess delta fishing gets hard like anywhere else at certain times.
Never give up they say.....Haven't seen you in awhile how things going....april maybe we will have to chase stripers in the dam.... ;)