spooling line

What's your favorite method for putting line on a baitcaster?
taking it to coyote bait and having them do it
Having some one else do it for me! lol I just buy a refil box of line 150-275 yrds depending on the lb. test you use. Have a buddy hold the line on a pen and I reel it in on my rod and reel like he's a fish, using my fingers to apply slight tension to the incomming line as I reel. Just how I do it. If alone, I hold the spool and pen with my feet, letting the spool drag on the floor as it spins...a lot tougher this way. Be creative...just use something to mount the spool on and run through your rod eye guides and tie onto your spool and start winding away with a little tension. Remember not to over spool your reel with too much line. I tend to leave almost 1/8" of the spool edge visible past the line. Good luck to you!
ditto to Raggs!

I did notice some spooling boxes at walmart the other day. Let's you load about 5 of those CD sized wheels in there with a line out hole. Would definitely make it easier than holding it with feet!

Thanks, I know. I am poor and on disability so the "Raggamuffin Style" works for me! I'd make something up before spending the cash I don't have. Have pleanty of brain power and ideas...If i make something I'll share it. Like the live well JimJr made up for the toon and just posted. nice [0-] there JimJr.
Just go to MEL COTTONS. ;)
I like to put a small diameter rod or a peice of thick wire through a bunch of my spools, and just bend the metal around the ends to hold the spools in, it works pretty well especially with the bigger spools of line like big game. Be sure to leave some space between the spools though so you can identify which spool is which.
Also I saw one of thoose line spool machines in a bass pro shops catalog and it cost only like 11 dollars I might get it but i also think it isn't that hard to just spool it my self even though i cant do it as well as the machine and it takes a long time.
I use a line spooling box that I bought at BPS, 7.00. Holds six regular spools of line, seems to work good. 8-)