Sports Authority - Great Mall - 25% Off Entire Fishing Dept

Stopped by the SA near work, the one in the Great Mall in Milpitas. Entire fishing dept is marked down 25% until Jan 4, 2014. Has hardly been touched since 25% isn't enough to get people to pillage the place, but if you're looking for some stuff and in the area might be worth checking out. I grabbed a few Shimano reels since those are hard to find on sale.
I think Sports Authority is getting rid of their fishing deptartment, the one I went to in San Mateo 1 1/2 months ago had everything 50% off and they were closing that dept. down
Thanks for the heads up...same thing going on at the gilroy location...not as cool as the 50% off like the blossom hill store had...which has since sold out and evaporated its fishing dept...peace...
My dad had mentioned to me that Sports Authority in Gilroy was 50% off. Went a week later and they brought it down to 25% for some reason. Makes no sense to me if they are trying to get rid of the fishing department...I would think the discount should have gone to 75% instead of 25%???
Keeps your eyes peeled.
I went to the Gilroy store this past weekend and that place is all but wiped out, and marked at 25%. The Great Mall store extended the 25% to the start of March...I'm hoping they drop it down to 50% at some point.
FYI I stopped by the Great Mall store today and from 3/2 - 4/5 their fishing department has their rods/reels/combos marked down 30%, and everything else is 50% off. They still have a few Penn and Okuma reels left, a few rods, almost all their terminal tackle, lots of line, and almost all of the plastics and lures they had in stock from last month still. I went and stocked up on braid/fluoro leader and jigs, still lots of stuff left maybe some of you can head over and get some deals, perfect timing with the season just starting off.