spotted @ calero today

unusual sighting @ calero pretty bad ass.

I know very little about boats - does that belong to someone famous or is it a special kind of speedboat?
WTF are you gonna' do with a beast like that, on a little puddle like Calero? lol
(besides testing)
Oh yeah that was me. I use that boat to get to the other side of the lake. Didn't feel like walking that day [green]
Hahahahahhaha this guys funny hahahaha shoot!
Ridiculous to even launch a boat like than on Calero. Isn't there a 30mph speed limit like the other Santa Clara lakes?
i think he was checking repairs or something, he started it, very impressive, drifted around for a few minutes, and left.
bad ass boat and deff testing it lol, man i bet that thing sounded awesome when he fired it up though
Dude has that "big ass tire syndrome" LOL Thats funny shoot
That's for people with a little weiner lol. I can't hate, I love big motors.
WTF , I don't see a trolling motor ----- or power poles ?!?!
oh ,
nitro dave ,
you totally forgot to post a report ,
what ??????
1Old man wrote:
WTF , I don't see a trolling motor ----- or power poles ?!?!

Trolling motor is a through-hull 3cyl. Suzuki.
Already too many idiots out there... Open the other lakes, please...

FYI, all lakes on fire.. Hot dog on a stick, side of mustard...

Set'Em Good
His income must be greater than all of us fishermen....
WTF??? [8|] As long as that thing doesn't roll through Biggun cove at Yote I'm good...
Wow this post woke up a lot of members welcome back ppl.