Spring Break: who needs cancun when you have the delta!

had an average day on the delta. threw on the ima big stik for a striper bite, and stuck this buddy off a tulee point.
when i went to set the hook, the metal ring snapped with the knot and the fish took down the swimbait and i thought i lost her. but she kept breaking water within the same 100 sq feet and goin deep. and after a half an hour we got to her and netted her! biggest fish of my life 8.5 lbs.
getting closer to the double digit mark!!
nice delta rash on that fish....
awesome... nice and beat up, so how did you end up netting her?
She broke water and kinda stayed surfaced so we could see her slowly swilmming and we got her.
sick andre!! did you break in the new rod?
sick andre!! did you break in the new rod?
NICE! That's freakin HUGE!

So did you kept the fish or release it?
Nice pig! Cool story with it too. I've never recovered a bass off the line, crazy!