Spring Is In The Air!!!!!!

And dont it feel GOOD!!!!!....

Boy!!!....With all this GOOD and Warm Weather we are gunna have this week.....And hopefully the lakes will clear up a lil bit!!!!.....

The Bass should be coming into spawn mode!!!! And coming up shallow!!!!!....

I cant wait to get out sometime this week either bank or boat!!!!....Plus my fingers are itching to go to YOTE!!!!!...I cant wait till it OPENS up again!!!!!.....

I bet those girl been gettn hungry.....

I cant wait to see this site BLOW UP in the next weeks and months from post of SJB'ers CATCH!!!!!.....

Bring on SPRIN and the SPAWN.......!!!!! Oh yeah and bring on the DD'S!!!!!!.....

heck ya man! I love DD's [red]
this will be the year i get me a 10+ bass [green]
I would love to get a DD this year hope I get more fishing in this year thats for sure.
Just put in ur time and sometimes a LIL LUCK [red] [red] [red] [red] will help.....

Hudd or jigg = DD or close to it!!!!

I think with yote closed!!!!....Calero might be a better chance as of RIGHT NOW to get ur DD!!!!!.....

HOLD ON !!!!!!...CAUSE ITS GUNNA HAPPEN!!!!!.....I predict at least 10 DD fish from SJB Anglers this year Hoperfully more!!!!...LOL...And Im hopeing for my DD THIS YEAR!!!! 2 Wouldnt HURT!!! [green] [green] [green] lol lol

Spring is in the air and Jr. is Snowboarding? WTF man, snowboarding? Well that is cool Jr. at least your having fun. We missed you at LBC on SUnday, but you didn't miss much. I will be back either this Sunday afternoon or next weekend. We may want to hit up Pedro for big one also.
I too cant wait until Coyote Lake. I just called and they said that they still have no word on if it will open at all!!!

So ready for the DDs lol
I got my new boat new Minn Kota new swimbait rod and am ready to go this season
Congrats on the new boat what did you get? I haven't seen you out there since the fires last year.
Well its not new but new to me! I got a 16ft Jon Boat 8-)
I got a great deal on it! 25hp motor, Lowrance fish sonar, 2 electric Cannon Down riggers, seat and seat post for the front deck, 2 other seats in the rear, and trailer all for $1500
here it is. I will be putting on the new Minn Kota tonight!!

Loads of deck space on that john boat. Congrats, and get that kid of yours in to some more fish!
Bass_Fisherman that thing is sweet that is what I was trying to find. sweet
Thanks Guys!! I couldn't be happier!! Its a great boat.

Murf did you see the pics of him on the Photos page? http://www.sanjosebass.com/flickr
He was the one to brake the boat and catch the first fish on its first time out!!

Sorry Jr for robbing you post!! lol
Nice upgrade Bass Fisherman. I checked the pics and you're going to need that bigger boat to acommodate the boy of yours. You know they just keep getting bigger. Mine turned out to be 6'4 and I had to buy him new waders every year when we were tubing. Is your new Terranova 12 or 24 volts?
See you on the lake lol
RICK wrote:
heck ya man! I love DD's [red]

I agree with Rick.... I love DD's too... I find mine today...............
Now if I could just figure out how to get those in the back of my boat too!! LOL :D :D :D :D

Lost Isle.... ehh Jim Sr. [red]

Just lo [8|] ok at those babies!!! }:(