Stevens Creek Resevoir

Anyone ever fish Stevens Creek Resevoir? I want to check it out, but I've heard mixed things about it. Is there some good shore fishing access?
Stevens creek is definitely hit or miss. Ive been there for numerous hours w no fish.
But ive been 2' next to my buddy hookin into a 6 lb monster female that was only 10' out.
A ton of shore access, and it closes strictly at 8.. You willl get a ticket if u get caught.
Great place.

My 2 cents,
Ive been researching and reading a ton online and i just checked the maps app on my iphone.
Just keep your line wet wherever you go. Pretty mich everywhere in the south bay produces.
Personal experience Stevens Creek Reservoir is great for swimbaits. It’s so clear you can see lunkers follow and hammer your bait or turn away. Overall it’s a great place to fish for bass during trout season. That’s just me… :)
Hmmm, sounds like its time to get some trout colored swim baits.
what size swimbait you guys using?

i have this castaic lure that's pretty large. got it for fishing los vaqueros for stripes but havent had the chance to use it out there.

maybe i can put it to good use locally! :)
I use Huddleston 8” cut the hook and swap it with a Treble hook tied on a 80bl braid placed just behind the dorsal fin.. Have not missed a fish yet…. 8-)
Have you guys ever hear of the Mission Fish? My brother told me about it, and i looked it up and i saw it on Bass Tackle Depot. I think its made by 3:16. Is it a good bait?

Stevens currently has pretty low water levels. Wondering if anyone’s had any luck there recently or during similar conditions in the past?