Striped Bass Eradication - FAILED

Thanks to all the fishermen out there that made the efforts, wrote the letters, made the meetings, talked to people, who cared, and got the issue out there and made this victory possible. Because you gave us, all of us, a voice. You guys rock.

We don't always agree on everything. Hell, we never agree on anything. We're fishermen (8-| But on that day, we proved that when we put aside our differences, we can make a difference. Lets not ever forget that, because we will have to fight for the future of our sport again some day.

Lets not forget the organizations that stood by us. Organizations like CSBA, Fly Fishing Federation and California Sportfishing Protection Alliance stood rock steady by the fishermen of Northern California and opposed the attack on us by the Coalition for a Sustainable Delta, a front for big money agricultural interests.

We don't always agree on everything. Hell, we don't even necessarily like each other sometimes. lol
But you know what? When it counted, we came together and worked together. Almost every board I can think of made the effort to support the good fight - the sniffers, the solers, coastsiders, sanjosebassers - hell, even a few brother fishermen in southern california had our back - and gave us have a chance to get our voices heard. Let us not forget that in the future, despite our differences.

Lets not forget the face of our enemies. The Coalition for a Sustainable Delta, which filed the litigation, isn't giving up. Neither can we.

We shouldn't forget the organization that stood by and did nothing, either. The United Pier and Shore Anglers of California, who purportedly represents all the shore fishermen of California did not make any efforts to support us or motivate his membership.
I do not feel public input will have any real impact on the ultimate decision.
This is the man that has stated numerous times on his message board, PFIC, that no one is more knowledgeable about the issues facing the Bay/Delta region, that no one has worked harder on our behalf in regards to those issues.

Where was he? Where was UPSAC, when it mattered? They say it isn't right to question. I'll ask anyway.

Again, thanks to all you guys who didnt give up. We'll fight the good fight together.
Peace brothers. See you on the sand.