Suggestions for 2 piece Senko rod?

Hi guys,

I'm trying to find a nice sub-$200 Senko rod (usually fish weightless). Will be using 10lb braided to flouro leader.

Any help or suggestions appreciated!

Bump. Is it just me or everyone has a truck/suv or vehicle with pull down seats?

Anyway, I contacted St.Croix and they dont have a 2-piece rod they recommend without making compromises.

Also trying to get in touch with (Gary Yamamoto) and a local tackle shop to get recommendations. Will keep you posted.

Anyway, quite surprised no one has recommendations. I kill it almost everytime with weightless senkos.
First response from G.Loomis
The model SJR 783-2 GL3 will work well for Senkos: ... 2-gl3.html

$280 - This is the "two-piece" version of our most durable all-around warm-water spinning rod. It has a fast, powerful taper for bass, walleye and a few light saltwater species, like school-sized stripers, snook and redfish. It’s a good choice for fishing soft plastics or light jigs in deep water, where more power is required and best of all... you can break it down and put it in the trunk or behind the seat for "emergency" trips.
Just go and stop by Coyote Bait and Tackle and let them help you out.
Give them a price range, they maybe able to save enough money to buy a couple of rods.
Look at the Shimano Clarus rods. Good Quality and Good Prices too.
I ended up picking up a Shimano Crucial 2 piece for worm and jigs. Medium Heavy - Fast.

Look forward to testing it out.
you bought a crucial just for a senko?
Eric wrote:
you bought a crucial just for a senko?

Nope, for worms AND jigs. [green]

Honestly, what's it matter what he bought the rod for? He needed one so he bought it.
Awesome, I needed a 2 piece travel rod too for freshwater and picked up a 6'8" M/XF Crucial Worm & Jig rod at the Coyote sale. Gonna use it for wacky senkos, texas/carolina rig plastics, and drop shotting.