Surf Rocket........check it out.....launch your bait

This is crazy..... there is some video's on youtube to..... wonder how far it would launch a swimbait/hudd ...... Jr. you need to mount one of these on the bassboat lol..... [8|]
wonder what he would get on a 68/4500 Jim Sr.?
lol lol lol LOL!!!!!! lol lol lol
Mike I was thinking of using some old 20oz. co bottles and a few old regulator's and some pvc and some ball valve's and making some what to help.......might be good to fish with one of these under the 152 bridge at san luis and launch that over the fence towards the big dam. You know there are some big ass stripers in that area....... ummmmmm maybe another record [8:)
hahahahhahaahaha i was thinking the same thing, 450 for that shouldnt be hard to make. whos ready to catch soem bigguns
Reminds me of the old potato launchers we use to make in high school. Flint spin striker and 5" abs waste pipe with cap, 18" of 5" abs pipe, 5~3 inch reducer , and 4' of 3" abs pipe. Glue it all together. Can of starter fluid...good to go!red russet potato down pipe, unscrew the cap, a few shots of starter fluid and cap....aim and flick... boom. [8|]
yeah...spud guns are awesome!
got me a potatoe gun thing shot them a good 4-5 hundred yards its a beast.