Sweet a$$ vid

Check it yo...http://www.hulu.com/watch/54680/national-geographic-channel-hooked-on-bass?c=0

She is dead now though...RIP u hawg
Damm. that was cool.I would foul hook a fish that big if I spotted it. }:(
What is amazing is that they actually admitted to foul hooking the outside of it. They could have easily said it was a legal catch and held the new world record. Some pretty bad ass dudes.

How many of you would have admitted to it? Huh Jerbs, it would have made you famous to the world. I guess you never can tell unless it were to happen.
ya, that was pretty stupid. I have heard that the person who pulls up the new w/r is looking at some big time fame, along with 1 million smackers plus all the other free stuff from new sponsors....

Could you imagine catching the one while you were wearing a Bassturd shirt. instant promos.