Swimbait Lot !!!!!

Swimbait Lot $215 tyd.
One of the 8” hudd is a weedless hudd and the other is a ROF 0 BB rig.
6" hudd shinner is ROF12
6" hudd holdover is ROF 5
All hardbaits are wake/topwater baits
No Trade selling as a Lot only*

Break it up! Lol ide take a few of em
This is great for a newbie swimbaiter… let me add one 68 hudd choice of (Trout, Brown hitch, hitch, or Silver green back shad) ROF 12 -One from any of them… ;)
Again I will only sell this as a lot… $215 tyd

Sorry I got some new baits coming that need $$$ [red]