Swimbait/Paddletail trick!!

Here is a little trick I personally came up with
Didn't jack it from a magazine or nothing!!!

But u guys ever store your baits specially you
Paddletail style swimbaits and the tail gets
Crooked or it stays to one side or the other...
And you never get the same or good enough
Wobble in the tail action!!!????

Well I pre rig everything so this is how I store
My "PT'S"=Paddletails...

Bring the tail forward towards head of bait and
Insert a sewing needle through the tail!!

Super simple the longer they say like this the BETTER!!

When ready to fish it simply take neddle out and tie on...
When this is done w/ the needle out the tail sits at a
Straight 90 degree bend it not more it usually sits like
95* towards front of bait!!!!

You get a wicked tail kick out of it!
No matter fast or slow retrieve!!!

Like I said the longer they r stored the better
The plastic will hold the memory get more action
For your buck!!!

Here is a pic hope this was helpful and informative!!

Innnntresting...me like! I'm gonna try it. Especially with some of my big saltwater swimmers. Because they get stashed til rockfish season opens in May and sometimes get a little warped in storage.