Swimbaits! Triple Trout, 68 Hudds, Morning Wood Rat, 3:16

Some guy offered to trade me for my deps.

3 dot olive triple trout 10 inch, 3 piece morning wood rat, 2 hudd 68, 316 rising son sissy.

Anyone of you guys want it. If you one of you do I trade him my lure and sell you this lot for $190
Two hudds 68 one albino one green trout $30 each.
Triple trout 10inch 3 dot $65
3 peice morning wood rat $60
i'll take the two huds, r u available tonight?
Still got the triple trout?
Man, I don't think I'll ever have the balls to use lures that cost this much.
haha thats exactly what I said, but once you start catching big fish on them then you wouldn't mind paying $20-$200 for lures that targets those fish.
I've lost two $20.00 swim baits, and went swimming for a $25.00 one.
I dont have anything anymore! You guys took to long to respond!! haha