swimming a jig

hey sjbass members,
im just starting to swim my jig... i know its not a super big down here but i realized how versatile the lure actually is... you can fish itany type of structure... you can imitate almost anybait fish ... and its just a little more subtle than a spinnerbait.. i was wondering if you had any tips for me because i really wanna learn more on swimming a jig.. for example your favorite places to fish them, what kind of rods to use, and how to work the bait.
thanks i really appreciate it,
i love swimming jigs!
Check out this video. It's Kevin VanDam doing a ten minute video on how to swim jigs. It shows underwater action and everything, very informative.

I've been trying to practice this technique as well, but still have yet to catch anything doing it so far.
how do you know what colors to choose i have black and blue red and black and an olive color and i never know what color to use so i use all of them is there a trick to color choice?
hey heres some tips if the water is murky then use a black and blue, brown and purple, or a black and red jig.... clear water use a watermelon or a natural color... my favorites are a green and orange because that perfectly immitiates the crawfish this time of year... and if you know the color the crawfish in that lake durig the time of year then just match them... when i swim a jig during this time of the year i like to use bluegill colors because these fish will be stocking up for spawn and bluegills are perfect snacks for a monster respawn female...
hope that helps,