team or individual ts vote

Everyone fishing please vote by posting your preference...Team or Individual.


I vote for a team tournment because it is a disadvantage for the backseaters to be fishing against all of the other front deck boaters. Three people per boat would be fine for me.

Everyone pays individually 10 for entry and optional 5 for big fish. Best 5 fish per boat. Split up the winnings by the number of entered fishermen on the boat. The big fish option would be a individual side pot. This way 3 people per boat can be overlooked and everyone can be entered and fish.
how could you do three people on a boat as a team thats a disadvantage to the people who only have two per boat. Also who are you? I vote individual because some people are not as intense of fisherman as others are. So to speak rick and I fish together as a team he catches all the fish for our team i get more credit than he does because i put him on the fish he just caught them i sat there jacked off all day and controlled the boat while he fished he caught everything and i didnt even really fish but we still have to split everything. I like bank walkers idea of do it individually but have the option of what ever boat comes in with the best weight they get that option example: I have 5 two pounders and rick has 3 1 and a half poundrs and two 3 pounders we use our 5 best fish his two 3 pounders and 3 of my 3 two pounders and we win that option for the boat. do you have a boat man or are you a tooner?
Ok I see everyone wants to do pretty much team..........its ok with me if its team but there will be 3 of us on a boat I WILL JUST FUN FISH AND JR. AND JOE CAN BE THE TEAM....THAT WAY EVERYONE CAN FISH I FISH FOR FUN AND BESIDES THAT EVERYONE KNOWS ME AND I CAN'T CATCH $H#T.........I'am the third leg and seem too be screwing it up for everybody.........I just want to fish guy's play your Money game I only get 1 day off and I just want to enjoy my boy's and the boat......and evryone's company........So I vote team if everybody is ok with me fishing with my boys I will not keep any fish caught but i will record it if I do.....and record the release...besides if I don't have to pay more food on the boat for me [green]
no one i know of has split live wells except me and jr so cull tags are needed unless its a team event but theres too much dam drama on what it should be individual or team. people want it team for god knows why maybe its so they can rely on other people to catch fish or maybe there just worried they wont beable to catch 5 keeper fish i dont know.

People being worried about being back seated this is f n san jose bass not the stren series where big money is on the line. This is supposed to be a fun thing and the only things its causing is head aches.
So if you want me in this one its individual or i will get drunk and just fun fish.

As for you senior to be honest i feel that for you to be on the boat and fishing with jo and jr is fine but whats not fine to me is say your using a different technique than them and catching fish guess what, their going to start using the bait you were using. That makes it unfair. In a way thats kinda like me taking 5 people on my boat but only rick and i are in the event i tell everyone to use a different bait until we figure out what is working that day, then joe blow who is just on my boat for fun starts hooking up using a brush hog i change from drop shot to a brush hog and start ripping the fish and then you guys find out that as soon as Rick and I saw joe blow hooking into fish we changed to the same bait he was using how would everyone feel. Then if i were to win it wouldnt feel right because i would consider that cheating because i used someone else to benefit my team and to benefit myself also because you have so many people on a boat using different baits your bound to find one that works. I aint worried about you fishing on the boat for fun but i know dalm well that if your dragging a senco on the bottom and catching fish while joe and jr are drop shotting once you catch one or two fish joe and jr will both be doing that very same thing. Because i can honestly say right now i am guilty of this but its the person i am fishing with, its his bait. I have seen joe and jimmy both do this alot look at jr every single fish he caught two years ago was thanks to me eric and jerbs on showing him how to fish these baits, and joe the few times i fished with him anytime he would see us catch a fish that was the bait he put on. It would be fine if jr caught fish on a bait and then joe changed to that bait because they both had made a donation as a team.
You dont see a third person fun fishing in any Tourny Or charity event or Donation event of Ts because of this reason.

By the way Sr. Jr., and little Sr. I am just using you guys as an example of a third person being on a boat in a team event
510_lipripper was making a sugestion that is all. I've seen him on the boards way before I got an account here on SJBASS. I beleive he too has the two live well option on the boat he is on, maybe three! A lot of people got to throw in their 2 cents I see, so why not him? Was the question going to come up on sunday anyways? , So why not try to clarify before everyone meets to save time and confusion. (8-| Why so up in arms and harsh?
Hey Jim Sr we want you to partisipate and fish!
so what are we doing a team or a individual one?
I vote Individual!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
team.... :D
WOW in the infamous words of rodney (king) Cant we all just get along???

Go Fish EVERYONE go fish, i wish i could join you all but the kids are mine all weekend and hey thats cool, GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL ENJOY BE SAFE, Remember to have you communications (hanheld,cell what ver works) be safe ,dont forget to post the results and pics. also would be cool if you all jot down a little day on lake post [8|] [8|] lol lol
not up in arms and if it came off harsh I appologize I didnt want it to appear that way. We have jsut been going through this for over a week now and we still have the same problem and alot of it is because when you do a team event there are 2 people on a boat and 5 fish limit. When its an individual event chances are your not fishing with your buddy your fishing with someone you dont really know and your on the back of the boat and your in a different class than the boater. Boater fishes agains the other boaters and non boaters fish against other non boaters. I will show up that morning prepared to fish and have some fun but either way we need to figure this out the morning of and vote because the we have been trying to figure this out for a week now and are still back at square one. We will figure it out that morning when we actually see how many people show up.
OK I'am out will be jim jr. and joe joe going I talked to Jr. he will post when he done working today........CATCH YOU GENTS NEXT TIME ON A FUN FISH DAY..... [8:) P.S. If I do go I'll be the guy recording/eating/drinking/smoking ..... lol (again I will not have a line in the water just want to be with my boys having a good time away from work... [green]
First off, the clarification of the frustration, in organizing...not meaning to be harsh is well acknowledged and appriciated :) Sure nobody here wants to offend any one. We all seem to be a great bunch of fishin addicts. 8-)

Second Jim Sr. should pay his entry fee and be a third on the boat as a 3 team member...winnings would be split 3 ways in that sinario. The 2 team members, should they win, would split the winnings 2 ways. The advantage of the 3rd team member would be 1 more line out in the water, however the winning sum would be less (3 way split). The disadvantage of the 3rd team member would be cramped quarters in one boat...sort of an inconveinience, and how good is the middle seat compated to the dreaded back seat. I would prefer the back or front seat myself.

Best 5 fish per boat. 10 bucks per person
5 buck side pot for big fish
tooners and non boaters...might want to just enter the 5 buck big fish pot...or find a backseat in the morning. Bound to be open back seats.

With that said, I beleive 510_lipripper was on to something pretty good in his suggestion. Making it sort of a happy medium, so every one can fish with the people they would like. I'm getting the feeling Jim Sr. just wants to fish with his family as I would also prefer.

Just my 2 cents to try and help out getting everyone out there having fun, doing what they love, with a chance to participate in freindly SJBASS TS. (8-| :)
Jim Sr , YOU FISH DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
With your Kids Fish FISH FISH

No way you should be out , team tourney ,
The honesty is in your name all anyone has is their Name you all know that..
Good luck all with i could be there, Go Fish Jim Sr lol
almadenbassmaster wrote:
WOW in the infamous words of rodney (king) Cant we all just get along???

U said it ......Since ther is way TOOOO MUCH....BS B!TCHING AND COMPLAINING ABOUT what was supposed to be a FUN FILLED DAY!!!!!....Has just turned out to be SH!TY!!!!!....

As of NOW ....My dad,joe and I are not in it for the MONEY!!!!!....We r still gunna meet u guys out there at MC D's at 7.....But as far as money for it IM OUT!!!!....F*&^%KN DRAMMA QUEENS!!!!!.....

I have always been A SPORTSMANSHIP guy....Never CHEATING @ SH!T!!!!!......

ALL I know is that I DONT WANNA HEAR NOTHING FROM NO ONE about me blasting off b4 EVERYONE ELSE or IF IM FISHING A POINT AND SOMEONE B!TCHES....I swear there will b more DRAMMA....!!!! >:-( >:-( >:-( >:-( >:-(

All I know is that the last 3 TS's we had there wernt as MANY F*&%KN CRY BABIES!!!!! Everyone had fun and HONORABLE!!!!......

So my rant is done....I just read everyones stuff and it kinda PIST ME OFF....That peeps r bitching if my DAD who just wants to fish with his boys cant or shouldnt b on my boat cause of ADVANTAGES!!!!...What ev!!!!.....

IM GOING FOR BRAGN RIGHT NOW.....I will c u all at weigh in....With MY UN OFFICIAL SACK!!!!!....

Thank's to some of you for the support...........Thanks Jr.. Bragging rights right On.....I think some of us need (ANGLERS MANAGEMENT) 1st of all I am sorry for all of this confusion...... I will have fun with all of YOU no matter what the out come...... [green]
My vote is for no money at all. Who cares. its not like its a big deal
How about this just BIG FISH...........everybody $5.00......thay way you can have fifty Mother Fers on 1 bassboat.......Just like party boats............LOL...........Sorry had too, now everybody can hate me }:( and people who want to fish team still can with there pot of $10.00 or what that is fair can add a big fish to there pool that way everybody should be happy boat with 3 people or more can ONLY DO BIG FISH at $5.00 ea.........and team $10.00 ea. and each person from that team $5.00 ea for big fish....that way big fish takes all and teams can worry about what they want to do............whow everybody fishing : ) the END......... [green]
its not a tournement
This is why most of the people on this site do not fish tourney's. There is so much drama involved. And to the guys that said a backseater gets backseated, now if I am fishing with a buddy I would never back seat him. I would rather see him win than any other guy out there besdies myself. I also fish tourneys and fish from the back seat often as my boat is a little small. I have done my fair damage from the back seat and beaten my boater many times. Its more about the fisherman. If this was an FLW or BASS or Stren series then yes backseating may come into play. So stop the complaining you litlle betchs and just fish. No more Money on this one because I don;t want to deal with the shet. Y