The big weekend sale is here!

All Anglers. this weekend is Coyote Bait and Tackles 3 day Mega sale! March 27-29th 20% off rods, and 15% reels! All lures , line, tackle storage, and accessories 10-20% off! Come join us Saturday March 28th, and we also pay the sales tax, all manufactures representatives will be here Saturday, Free hot dog with purchase, and huge raffle at 4pm!!

Coyote Bait and Tackle
8215 Monterey Rd.
Coyote, ca. 95013 ( south San Jose)
Hope all of you were able to make it out to Coyote to take advantage of their sale and show your support. One year from now the Big Box will be up and running but Coyote still has the best owners and staff of any tackle shop around!
Stopped in this morning and was cool to see the guys.
I think the repeat customer business and loyalty to Coyote b&t will make things still fine for them. I mean who would you rather have helping you, 2-3 knowledgable folks that care and take as long as you need helping them, or a massive store with maybe one guy that most likely doesn't care like the Manteca shop. Plus the lure and gear is far more refined of a selection at Coyote.
They always treated me right so I say this in return to help support them. Location is their key advantage too. I think they should fair ok being it's almost like a home away from home for me on way to or from any of the 3 southern lakes in S.J. and alot of anglers probly feel this way too.
I agree,

The CBT team is always helpful. I like the fact they are on the way to the lakes, and the selection of baits they have is really nice as well. It wasnt in the cards to stop by for a new rod, but eventually!!!!
They got in a larger rack in the back where their crankbaits/jigs are displayed so there's more product out there now. They've also really set themselves apart as the go-to place for swimbaits, particularly larger/high-end swimbaits, in the Bay Area.
Went there on Saturday as well, right after being skunked at Yote in the morning. Ran into BigHurt408 leaving CBT and introduced myself. At least the day ended with a positive note with the last Spro grey ghost Rat nestled safely in my bag. ;)
it was good to meet you too glouie
that bait looks killer
be sure to post what you get on that
I picked upsome killer stuff put a dent in the pocket [green]