The one that got away...

hey guys sooo im still pretty new at this whole ocean fishing scene and i have a quick question...I was fishing down at Port San Luis a few days ago and hooked into something that felt pretty big. i was going for perch at the time so i was using some of those camo berkely grubs (which work real well) for bait. I had on 50 lb test with a 20 lb leader (probably overkill but i dont really know what im doin) and whatever i hooked into nearly spooled me. i ended up tightening the drag almost 100 percent and it was still pulling line out. eventually i worked it in a bit closer but before i could get it in past the breakers it took off and snapped the leader. any idea what it could have been?? i was thinkin either a halibut, ray or shark, but i really am not sure if they would be goin after 1-2 inches of worm?!?!? let me know what you guys think!
where did you fish?
Avila Bay aka Port San Luis down by San Luis Obispo. I was over on the beach section in between the last two piers.
Both, sharks and rays will eat just about anything. If it was running along the shore, side to side , then most likely a ray. But Im just guessing. :-?
The one thing that get me back out to the salt, is that I never know what Im gonna catch.... To bad you didnt get to land your big fish,
maybe next time, no leader...
the description sounds like a ray or a shark like what rick said. if you catch a big enough ray or shark youre gonna have fun battling it out with it. youre arms gonna be soreee....
O ya my arms were burning from trying to bring that thing in. it also swam from right to left parallel to the shore as rick said so maybe it was a decent ray or somethiing...guess il never know....haha gotta catch another one...or maybe some tasty halibut!!
Good chance of a ray or shark like everyone said. It may have been an halibit as well. To bad you didn't get to see it.
I've caught bat rays down there off the Avila and Pismo piers on sabiki rigs while fishing for bait fish. The halibut should start coming into the bay (Port San Luis) soon. Whatever you caught was mighty strong!

yo Jkeirstead, do you have any strategy for catching some halibut down in that area? ive never fished for em and i need some advice on setups and when they start to come into the bay....
Jsurfer, the halibut some in around mid-May once the swell dies down. The water is super clear and there is never much current making it ideal halibut habitat. Afternoon tends to be the best time to catch them. From the pier, use a sliding rig with a live mackerel or smelt (smallish bait fish) or shiner perch and just wait. Make sure you have a crab net to bring them up onto the pier. If you have access to a kayak or boat, drift south of the Avila Pier near the rocks and infront of Pirates Cove (nude beach) with the same set can also use fish traps. I've caught a few on fish traps in the past. Drifting dead squid is also a solid's just hard to keep kingfish off your line. - Josh