The San Jose Bass Logo & Calvin Prieto

So my younger cousin Calvin Prieto is a graphics design stud. And being that SJB is on a limited budget, and I needed a logo, he was the first person I turned to when I originally started this website. I told him I wanted something simple, and something that would look good on shirts and hats, etc...

The logo you see now is what he came up with. The minute I opened up the file he had sent to me I knew it was going to work perfectly for what I was trying to do. Shortly after that email, SJB was born.

So yesterday, I got a chance to hang out with my younger cousin Calvin. And while taking in some turkey and wine, my brother and I were checking out his most recent project/portfolio.

Dudes, he will be big time, and all of us SJB members will be able to say that we knew him before he BLEW UP on the big screen. I imagine he will be working on some of the coolest animation movies. Like the Shreks, Toy Story, etc...

For now though, check out this video he made last semester. He created the main dinosaur character, and worked the animation project with some fellow students. I thought they did a great job, and being that they're college students with limited resources, I can only imagine what they can do in the big leagues.

That was cool....nice video........ [green]