This is Wrong ,,,This must stop!!!

Everyone i mean everyone this is shocking and WRONG!!!!!

Please sign the petition

This must stop!!!!!!!!!

If you have seen The Cove you know what im talking about , if you have not seen the cove i recommend you dont ! Just sign the petiition

Peace to all Gods Creatures!

for the world will be a better place when these murders are halted

On Friday December 16th Cove Guardian Erwin Vermeulen was arrested in
Taiji, Japan, while attempting to take photos of Risso’s dolphins being
transferred from holding pens in the sea to the Dolphin Resort Hotel. Police
claim Erwin shoved a Hotel employee, Erwin denies using violence.

The arrest seemed pre-planned. No witnesses saw Erwin shove the employee
and Erwin was not even questioned. The police simply approached him and took
him away. Out of compassion for the dolphins being slaughtered in Taiji, Erwin
Vermeulen travelled to Japan at his own expense to devote his time and energy
to the Cove Guardian mission.

And one whom is trying to stop it . Is now on trial inTaiji his name is Erwin.
Really? Nobody ?? [8|]
The Cove trailer ... ata_player
Kinda dissappointed ;( ;( ;(