This summers Coyote carp die-off

What effect, if any, do you guys think that die-off will have on bass fishing over the next couple years? I was also curious what caused it in the first place if any body knows.
No effect on bass fishing. Happens every year.
actually it does not happen every year, this past year there were thousands (i saw them) of dead carp, authorities said it was a coi (carp are coi) herpes virus. not all the carp died, there are still lots of them (i have seen them). i have been fishing that lake for 10 years, and that die off is the first i have seen.
pretty sure the bass don't care.
I just talked to a friend about this that knows coyote well and he said it had to do with the water mgmt. letting out a drastic amount of water, which in turn did something to the shallow grass causing it to put off something toxic. I don't know how much truth there is to that because then it seems it would hurt the bass too. All I know is that was pretty gross stepping across all those rotting carp. Hearing they all had herpes only adds to the ambience. (8-|
I have to agree with a previous post. This Carp die off doesn't
occur every year. It had to do with a virus that only effects Carp.
IMO , it was a good thing get rid of as many Carp as possible !!
Carp will eat anything they can , including Bass eggs during the spawn.
They are fun to catch , just can't get them to take a plastic worm!!!
I snagged one the other day at calero on a spinnerbait , sucker went over 17 lbs.
I hope all of our local lakes get a carp die -off , as long as it doesn't hurt the Bass , OK.
back in the day , Bass , Crappie , Trout = Gamefish
Carp , Suckers , Bullheads =junkfish
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A couple of times now I've watched guys fish for them on the delta using a bow and arrow. They have platforms on the front of their boats and stalk these things like any hunter stalks their prey. Pretty cool to see, especially since I'm not a big carp fan.

My $.02 is that the county should have something like that for our local waters. Seem like the carp count increases year over year.

I just wonder who is higher on the food chain - the bass or the carp? Anyone?
you can bow hunt them at pinto lake we killed over 20 this year
Adult carp are too big and strong for bass to attack and carp don't eat bass as well due to habitual behavior.
The problem is carp spawn fast and have good appetite.
They eat other fish's eggs too.
When carp get more populated in a pond more food resources are eaten by this specie.
It's naturally affect the spawning of other small sized fish like sunfish.
Less small fish = less food for bass.
More carp = less food for other fish.
I saw a kid pull a carp out of Oakridge 4 foot long and easy 30lb all on 6lb test. He fought it for half an hour and the damn thing looked like one of those traditional japanese tattoos all gold and brown. Sounds like a big carp kill is good for bass then.
Adult Bass and Adult Carp , really only have one predator higher on the food chain = Man. Full size adult bass , will eat juvenile carp , but it's not the main food supply.
The real problem is nobody really targets Carp , this allows the population to go basically unchecked. Most everybody targets Bass . Without catch and release for Bass , the populations for bass in our local lakes would be so small , catching a 5 bass limit would be next to impossible.
Carp should be thinned out at Calero for sure . I would suspect the largest population of fish in Calero , would be carp not bass.
The DFG should do a "shock" study and act accordingly to save our Bass fishing resources.
Personally , when I snag a Carp and it gets in my boat , it ususally becomes food for other fish and crawdads. 1Old man
Ive seen it every year at coyote, especially back in the creek.