tilapia in pinto?

fished pinto yesterday and was throwing a swimbait around. no bites for four hours on a hudd a then i catch an odd looking fish(sorry no pictures). i thought it was some type of carp so i threw it back in the water. i did some research last night and i am pretty sure it was a tilapia. does anyone know if there are talipia in pinto? if there is then i seriously think i had a world record in my hands. the tilapia world record is 6 1/2lbs and this was pushing 7lbs.
Thats crazy man a tilapia in pinto? Did it look like the shape of a pan fish?
it was shaped kinda like a football and it was silver with scales similar to a carp. i have have caught other smaller fish out of pinto that i believe are some type of rock bass, but nothing like this. i know it sounds crazy but i think it was a tilapia. this thing was huge. i am still bummed i did not get a picture of it.
blue tilapia

one of the numerous carp species

Who knows, dude. It could have been almost anything someone dropped in the lake. Sometimes freshwater aquarium fish that are no longer wanted get dumped into lakes and grow to rediculous sizes. Some species of cichlids, which stay relatively small in tanks, grow to 10 lbs or more in the wild.

Too bad you didn't get that photo. It'd be fun to try to identify that sucker.
How could a Tilapia eat a hudd? Man if that was a Tilapia that is one crazy fish.
i have no idea how the fish got hooked in the mouth. Â i must have been a lucky foul hook considering the mouth of the fish was no bigger than a half dollar coin. i found this picture of a tilapia and i am pretty sure its what i caught.

HHHHhhmmmmm....Maybe we can land another one on thge trip tomorrow!!!!!