To bag or unbag that is the question..

[?] so I was organizing my tackle and gear into Plano 3700's and I was wondering what you guys think when it comes to your plastics.. I'm tired of carrying a bunch of bags around and trying to find the right bag of plastics I want. I was thinking of taking them all out of their original bags and organizing them in two boxes. Worms in one and creature/craws on another. I see the benefits of that being able to see everything when you open it nice and organized. But I see the downside of the plastics maybe losing some scent and hardening up a bit. I know they sell stuff to organize your bags and that's another option. Just wanted to see everyone elses opinion(pros/cons) about this situation. Thx for any input!!
I do it both ways. I have the essential baits that i use regularly in tackle boxes because i always know where they're at. Make sure you put only the same colors together in each division because lots of plastics bleed their color. The rest of my plastics that are somewhat situational or not used often, I keep them in the bags with a shower curtain ring holding all the bags together. Organization can be essential to being ready when the bite turns on.
Keep em' Tight
I use one of these....its an daiwa tackle binder i found on tacklewarehouse

Ill never go back to bulky tackle boxes. I fit everything(I dont throw crankbaits much) but my large swimbaits in here, and it fits perfectly in my backpack with no mess or stuff falling around.

photo (2).JPG
[8|] BRILLIANT!!!!! That's all I can say.
im pretty sure they have those at coyote bait and tackle.
I use to use that one to but it was kinda pain if your looking for something fast so I just use the regular
clear plastic tackle boxes. I can see all the baits in a hurry with out opening it up and easy in and out
don't have to worry about zipping the bag back up so they don't all spill out everywhere if you pick it up and forgot to do so. You can fit a lot more in one space and get the double sided ones like this


You can get small ones to save space if needed

I like the new styles much neater then ol school tackle boxes ,I still have my pops old humongus double drop.
Thx for all the replys guys. I ended up getting A shimano binder case similar to the daiwa showed just for my plastics in bags. And used 4 3700 for all my hardbaits/jigs/swinbaits and a small falcon spinnerbait/buzzbait organizer.. Now I'm all organized.