Anyone catching fish on topwater yet i cant wait till it starts just wondering if anyone has had any luck on top yet??
YUP.... My biggest fish at Yote this weekend was on topwater }:(

Fishing partner an I got just under 15 fish, from 8:30-2:30.. Man, that place makes you work for them this time of year. Found a slight pattern at the end of the day, we picked up some quick fish..

Set'Em Good
Got any pics???
Saw a buddy of mine got one on a top water last week, sort of. He was fishing a crankbait. Made a cast and while he was messing with his line a fish blew up on it. Nice little 2 pounder. But I don't think that counts.
Ah, the old "I meant to do that" fish.... lol
Well i cant wait for the spawn to be over and then the topwater will be on fire i cant wait ill throwing my rats and my flipin the birds and my floating bbz1 shad and bbz1 jr
Hahaha. Poor guy didn't get to see the fish blow up. He was looking at his reel the whole time. The fish hit it. He looks up for a quick second than back to picking his nice little birds nest. He thought he got it on the retrieve. But I broke his heart when I told him the fish hit it while he was fixing his line.