trailer fixed

That right fellas finally my trailer is fixed no more bearing problems new axle, new hubs, new rims and tires. Also got the super lube hubs so greasing will be easy pop the grease gun on and pump it in and old grease comes out the front. Woooohooooo cant wait to get my little bass boat out now lol may hit pinto next weekend. Not sure yet
Here it is guys
man that old axle looks like a accident waiting to happen.
that's great you completely fixed the problem and now you
can get on the road without a doubt in your mind about getting stranded.
hit me up when you hit pinto maybe I'll see you out there.
For sure bud ill let u know
don't know if there gonna let me back into pinto.
some bitch ass punk that was fishing today said I created wake in the lake and
now the old bitch is telling me it's a no wake lake but they have a 5 mph speed limit.
don't understand her I said it's either 5 mph or no wake but no both.
anyway I'm tired of dealing with her. sometimes I wish she were a dude so I can knock him the friggin out.
got this big boy on a jerk bait.
Sorry to hear that nice fish though hows the bass right now??
Don't blow up Pinto, it's a small lake. It doesn't need the pressure.
True true coyote is open and hittin so i think most ppl are going there lol
bass fishing isint that great.
only got a few small fish.

as far as blowing up the lake I kinda doubt that will happen.
not many guys will fish in contaminated water or deal with
a couple hormonal bitches that will give you the worse boat
inspection i have wer gone thru plus the harassment you have to
deal with if you do make it in.
hey tin.... who are you ?
i see a few guys out there but don't know who you are ?
what boat you on ?
I fish out of a 14' aluminum. I'm not sure if I've seen you out there either. I usually fish Saturdays. It's been a little while since I launched the boat, but I've hit it up from shore a couple times in the last couple weeks.
Well took trailer for a test run just a 15mile drive to make sure all is well before my next trip and everything stayed in place so im good to go