Trip to New Melones - 3/7

I decided to take a guide trip over at New Melones on Friday (since I don't have a boat), and it was a lot of fun catching the spotted bass as usual. We didn't get any monsters but caught plenty of 2-3 lb fish. It was the first blue bird day after some weather so it wasn't outstanding but it was still a great day. Got to stick around on Saturday to watch a tournament weigh in for Sonora Bass club and one team had a 6.5 and 5.5 lb spotted bass, beautiful fish. Here is one picture of four of our fish, most of them came on Jigs.
nice fish man.
and great camera (yours or the guides). picture is crisp
Very nice! Sound and looks like a good time was had!
thank you. It is just a Sony point and shoot camera, but it beats a cell phone picture for sure. Here is one more shot of a fish from the morning.
Nice fish! I love spotties. I assume there are LMB in Melones too, but the spots have taken over as they tend to do?
We got a handful of largemouth as well, but the spots are more plentiful. They still catch a lot of big largemouth on swimbaits though.
nice pics, love them spots! they sure do fight! can you comment on any thing else about the lake? im fishing a club tourney later on in the year and it would be my first time
Nice fish pulse!! Good job. Been meaning to make it out to the motherlode lakes and chase some fat spots!! ... otted-bass

New world record spot out of new melones. The record stays in Cali!!
You should try trolling for kokanee if you can while you're there, they taste delicious!
kokanee bite is dead right now. they just are fishing their spawn and die off. it will start to pick up fairly soon
nice fish!
Those look like some nice fish there. Man, I wish I had the time to make a trip to NM. Thanks for the report and pics.
beautiful fish!!!!