Trout Season Is Screwed For Southbay

Some of you might be wondering what the deal is with the plants all going into unfavorable locations like Sandy Wool with its chocolate milk water or Cunningham with its overgrown algae. Well I've been told that all plants have been diverted to these locations because after the last plants in the percs they found a muscle or something that is bad.

This is very frustrating. I went to Sandy Wool Saturday, Monday, and yesterday because they planted 2x last week (1000 lbs total) and nobody is catching a thing because it's so muddy. In 3 days of fishing I caught a total of 1 fish. Many fisherman have gone for hours there and caught nothing. From talking to everyone as I walked around I'd say at the most 5 fish are coming out total for the day. At the percs I was catching that in less than 2 hours on sunrise. It's a complete waste of our money. The pelicans are getting nice and fat while we watch from the shore. Why doesn't fish n game weight conditions when doing plants?

Ok end of rant. Here's my trout caught at Sandy Wool. First fish of Winter.

honestly, this is no surprise. I've seen people with stand up paddle boards in the main pond a few times last summer. Nobody seemed to care considering it says no swimming.

nice trout!
A mussel wouldnt prevent trout from being stocked at the perc ponds. You can email the hatchery group and get a straight answer as to why.

Sandywool Lake is productive when you don't go there after it rains (Its muddy because of the water runoff in case you didnt know). I've caught tons of fish from sandywool. Also you may know that trout are visual feeders, hence their relatively developed eyes. Muddy water = poor vision = less bites. Unless you like soaking powerbait which I personally believe is both a visual and a scent bite.

I agree trout plants are being wasted when they plant at Lake Cunningham.
Mussles in the percs? Hope they aren't zebbra, they'll end up closing all lakes to boats.