True/False? Bigger bait attracks bigger fish?

I went fishing with my buddy recently and noticed a big difference in our set-up's, I was running a 3/0 worm hook with Night Crawler and he was runnning a 7/0 wormhook with a steel leader along with a massive minnow, keep in mind were fishing for Largemouth. My friends reasoning behind the large hook and bait was simply the "the Bigger the bait, the bigger the fish". Is that true of false?
Steel leader??? [8|] Are you chumming with blood to? LOL jk
Mike yes the bigger bait theory is true. But your buddy is fishing with too heavy of gear! If you want to go after a big one, tie on a swimbait.

You'll catch plenty of bass with a nightcrawler, but I'd stick to lures. You need to downsize to catch these fish right now. Try a dropshot with a 4" roboworm or a shakey head.
man they don't have shark where there are lagemouth. drop the steel leader
Mike ,
Steel leader = NEVER for largemouth. Big baits are better for larger fish but you will not catch as many total fish - ie- you won't get the smaller fish at all .
Personally , if your using the right bait for the season , time of day , water temp , structure etc..... you will get both large and small bass .
My personal best bass ( 12.5 lbs) , came of a C-rigged "magic" worm that was 4.5 inches long on light tackle.
You'll get big bass if your fishing the right spots with any lure-----big or small.
Good luck , catch and release,
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