TS on Feb. 8th

Alright guys you have over a weeks notice to plan for this date so if you post you will be there i hope to see you there it is going to be fun. If you commit I want to see you sunday morning so we can have a good turn out and have fun. Please dont post if your unsure please only post if your 100% committed to coming. And if your unsure and you show up even better but if you commit and don't show it could throw us off a little. This way we can get a ball park figure of how many people are going to be here so I can figure out the raffle and so kenny and everyone else can figure out a few other things like if we have back seats open and things like that
thanks for the input,
I am in guys 100% . I have a buddy coming with me on my boat already. We can do a team ts or individual it doesn't matter to me. I think a team ts would be better but i will go with the flow. We will figure out this stuff at Mcds
I will be there 100%
I am there, if the boat doesn't pass inspection then I guess I'll fish with bassman, but I have it out side of work right now and looks to be very dry, we will find out in a bit once I head up to Anderson to get the inspection.
I can fill a backseat. Just hit me up. Be nice to finally meet you fools!
I am there brosephs!
Im in :D

back seat with bassman
Boat didn't pass I'll try again next week. I forgot to lower the motor before I got there. my mistake. Should be no problem next week
I would like to get in on this, i want my nephew to be my partner is there a age limit on this. He 11yrs
no age limit anyone can fish it!
so mr carlotta have you figure out a set of rules yet or if it is going to be a team or individual or times did you want to do it off of my proposal on the other thread?
We can do it like you said off the other thread. We can do it individual. Would be the best for everyone i think. It would make it even. Bassman how did you know my last name?
Im there 100%.....

Took time off of work. Ill be there. [green]
The boat passed yesterday so i am there.
Joe Joe and I are there with Jr.
So this is what list i have so far of people doing this thing.
Boater Back Seat
Bassman1057 Rick
CaBassbuster21 GWPerry
Jim Jr. Jim Sr. and Joe Joe
Kenny Friend
Marone ???
Big Daddy and Nephew
Dirt Racer ???

I know Bankwalker was looking for a back seat. So Dirt Racer? Marone? Is there one free. I am sure Marone will have his dad or brother or some one else with him, but I thought I'd ask. Also Rippin Lips was supposed to fish and I think he might have a backseat open. DMUN we are waiting for you and your Dad. Jerbs still haven't heard from you yet. The turn out is looking to be a good one. Lets try to get some more.
Have a day out there, gents. I bummed that I can't fish in this one, but the 8th doesn't work for me -- out of town.

Be sure someone brings a camera to the weigh-ins and is willing to post up a summary and results!
Looks like Marone is out of this one. Hopefully we get a few more guys.