Tubed Anderson on 3/18

I have read a lot of stuff here and decided it's time to share a thing or two.
I took a friend to the south end for a short kick in our tubes yesterday. He has very little experience so I picked a day that would have just a little after lunch wind and was holding fish.
It was fun watching him figure out how to turn and kick!
He ended up with 2 small bass for about 8 bites.
I lived up to my name and got a dozen for about 18 bites slow dragging brown colored plastics in 5 to 20 feet of water.
The fish were scattered on brush lines and rocks and have become much more aggressive in the past couple of weeks.
The bass ran from little 10 inch males to a couple of 16 inch females.

Has anyone tried for a reaction bite lately?
I'm thinking the prespawn is ON and will brink some crankbaits to try this weekend!

I might have been able to pull out a 20+ fish day if I wasn't playing the coach and leaving fish to get my friend used to kicking and turning.