Turkey Shoot today?

I know its last minute but I wanna see if anyone wants to meet up for a small turkey shoot today. The FLW college regionals if airing in about an hour and now i'm all pumped to go fish. I got a back seat with me today already. Shoot me a PM if interested.

If you watch the episode, I am wearing the white glasses for SJSU.

I was watching a preview of today's FLW episode and saw a dude with the white glasses. Then I realized it was you.

Looking forward to watching the show.
Saw the episode. Great job!
Way to represent GE!! Glad that you didn't have to fish with treble hooks in the back of your head, OUCH. [green]
LOL....thanks guys. It was fun. Kinda hard to fish with a cameraman on the boat. But a chance of a lifetime it was.