turkey shot results

Hey all you TS peeps , any stories results for us gotta stay home folks ;( ;( ;( [red] [red]
It was nice, Thats was my first one. Ill tell you one thing, that ranger. man,,,,,, 2 cops and fish and game. Whats next. Im going to do some research. Peace 8-)
How did you and your buddy end up doing dirt racer. We never heard how you guys did.
Man was that interesting [8|]

Sorry I couldn't get out of bed to fish the whole thing. Too much partying. Straps and I caught about 3lbs for 3 hours on the water.

Nice bag will and B. 8-)
What went on out there?
cops , fish n game????????????????????????????? [8|] [8|]
The Ranger stopped us, Sheriffs were there, and then the Fish and Game dude. Apparently you are not allowed to have ANY organized (or unorganized groups of people [green] ) gatherings with out a permit. I always thought is was cool as long as no money is changing hands.

They gave us a long speech. They thought we were keeping fish. Checked our licenses and livewells. After that they let us go. Pretty crappy and COLD! Very thankful no one got any tickets though.

Permits are $100 an event from F&G. If money is stated then you need to deal with the county and parks as well, cause they want some if it.
yep greedy little bastards just surfing the web site looking for any sounds of a dollar and you know they will br\e there rain or shine better set up a code for T-S or get together big friggin brother is watchn!!!! you got it they want it or at least a piece of it.

whats wrong with this picture , just some guys and gals trying to get along in the infamous words of rodney king.......and BB staking out the launch ramp awaitin your arrival.......i heard of them watching the web sites now that is proof.
Man now that was fun!!! With a little excitement at the end of the day ...
We put in about 14 fish in the boat ranging from 14 1/2 inches being the biggest to some shakers... be had a total bag of 6 pounds roughly...
All fish were caught on lake points from shallow to 30 plus feet...
We used drop shots with the maybe 12" between the hook and the weight.
We used Jackell Flickell 4.5 inch worms hooked in the middle.. although my partner did get one on a nose hooked worm too..
It was only my 2nd time fishing drop shots too...
We tried other methods but had no luck...

Guys it was great to meet some of you finally for the first time...
I hope we can do this again soon sometime.. minus all the drama leading up to today and the after math at the launch..
All in All.... lots of fun and darn cold too!!

Rick thanks for the sticker hook up too... Im gonna talk to a friend who make stickers and see what he can do for me about making me some as well...
That way we can distinguish who we are from the launch ramp to the water...

San Jose Bass We Rock!!!

See ya on the water,

I saw Mike out the Wednesday before the tournament and told him that some guy on WB who tried to set up a TS was contacted by the DFG and told he needed a permit, but man for them to actually be out there in force, wow!
That sucks you all got screwed with by the stupid DFG and the Rangers. Don't they get enough of our money from the state fishing licenses and launch fees and day passes? WTF a perfect example why to give up the sport. Glad I wasn't there to start trouble! I haven't seen the inside of the San Jose jail yet.
Ya fellas, good times. Got my heart pumping at the end. Had to tell Gene to cool it a few times haha...

I actually didnt have that great of a day, between all the wind and the light gear I was throwing it made it hard to feel that bite at times. I must have missed 5 fish, had a few more get close to the boat and unbutton. And landed only 2, both draggin the bottom in about 20+ feet.

Gean, thanks again for that back seat. Good to finaly meet some more of the guys on here. To bad I already forgot all your names.... But wait, that guy Will, and his buddy.

Good stuff guys.....!!!!! Look out for these guys on the water. Rip some lips guys....
Had a great time and its was good to meet all ya'll. Cought my first couple of fish for the year. I was just happy to be on the water thanks.
It was a fun day all and all.........I can't believe that a bunch of friend's can't get together and fish for FUN and Braggin right's .......... Now my question is what happens if we where all PREFISHING FOR SOME KINDA TOURNAMENT FOR INSTANCE SAY SO AND SO WAS HOLD A TOURAMENT AND WE WHERE TESTING FOR THAT TOURAMENT ;) ARE WE SCREWED ....................BOY KINDA NOT WANTING TO FISH ANYMORE......EVERYTIME YOU THINK YOU ARE HAVING FUN THE man STEPS IN AND TELLS YOU KNOW YOU CAN HAVE FUNNNNNN..........TO MANY F@^KIN LAW'S ......WELL THE GOOD THING WAS A FISH DID LOOK GOOD ON RELEASE........I HAD ALOT OF FUN THANKS GUYS .............NICE MEETING EVERYONE...........WE WILL HAVE TO WORK ON PHONE#'S AND PM...... ;) I feel like my rights are being takin away everyday I wake up to something else.......see that's what happens when we give the man all our vote's and $$$$$$$$$ in return we get the shaft.........but have to say the RANGER AND SHERIFF'S AND DFG WHERE UNDERSTANDING.......WHICH I AM VERY THANKFUL [8:)
just got off the phone with Mike...said everyone had a good time. Heard reports that a lot of fish were caught. WTG SJBassers!
there was quite a few fish caught the water temps have not changed in over a week. If anything they have gotten warmer all though it was freezing out there. Some idiot forgot his jacket so that same idiot was not only cold but wet. It was a really good turn out. Here is the thing I knew that was going to happen because of the way the fish were brought into weigh and how we all met up. Basically how we are going to have to do it from now on i just basically how we always say we are going fishing for instance I am going fishing at calero this week would any of you like to join me for some match fishing and we just do it by honor...... You know I met some cool peeps yesterday and I really was not to sure about it going in just because of the debate online. If i offended any of you guys that showed up to this I appologize because alot of you are cool peeps.
I will post some pictures later.

And Brad thanks alot for the invite up to clear lake
It was a great day on the water with a great group of guys. Some people caught limits of 13 inches some only caught a few. One boat did very good with a 4lbr and 5lbr and two other keepers. I think 4 boats had limits, Ripinlips, Bassman, Jr and Myself. I think every one caught some fish.

My self I was catching them throughout the day and I had plenty that where keepers. Actually all my fish went 12 inches at least with most being over 13. I fished from the bank to about 20 FOW max, Most fish came in 12FOW or less. Most fish it was a lite bit, but some did crush it. Hopefully we get some more rain to bring the water level up a bit. It will be nice if the water temps stays above 52, if it does I would get out and fish because it will be getting very good fast.
I wonder if you guys had gathered at some place on the lake and then weighed your fish in a bag with one scale if it would have made a difference. Other than that the only other thing would be the honor system. Maybe when you're done fishing weigh your fish in a bag and then take a picture of the scale. The other person(s) in the boat could serve witness. Not the best system, but I doubt anyone would want to fork over $100 for a permit and deal with whatever other requirements are necessary.
I would be willing to put 40 or 50 bucks towards the permit o that we could go and have a fun fish day and not have jonny law on are backs