unknown button on reel

hey guys, i got a little button on the back right side of my baitcasting reel (im left handed so its on the magnetic drag side) but i press it and nothing happens. can anyone enlighten me as to what this button does other then tear my hand up on a long day of fishing? its a KVD signature series baitcast reel
I looked for a pic of the reel and cant find one with a vew of the button your talking about.
Can you post a pick of it??
Might it be a release button allowing you to take that side cover plate off, to get access to the spool? I believe the flipping switch is on the handle side. Just my guess...
ill try and get some pics of it up, there is a switch to put it into flipping but thats on the other side. the button is on the back side on the case (side with the magnetic drag) i think it might be a release for the cover then.