Uvas 1-18 (Water Level Pics Inside)

Decided to try one of the local lakes for the first time since mid October after reading some of the posts. Uvas has always been a reliable producer so decided to go there.

Jaw dropped as I pulled up and saw the water levels. Got skunked, water was extremely dirty and cloudy. Quite a few people fishing though, did see one guy get what looked like a bass in the shallows, and then proceed to put it on a stringer and keep it >:-(

Water levels are pretty disheartening, if we don't get any rain soon Uvas will be bone dry by the summer and the fish will be dead.

From the boat dock by the parking lot. That's damp mud in the background, no water.

From the top of the dam at the entrance.
Yikes!!! ;(
Holy crap
Don't waste time driving. Check here: http://alert.valleywater.org/rgi.php

However, someone from SJB said he likes it that way because all the fish is in small area. Me, not.
No bueno!!!!!
Went by yesterday even worse!!!!!!
Wtf do we gotta do !!!!!!
Who do we call?????
Do I have to go to council meeting!!!!?????

I've gotta voice up on this!!!!

Totally un F'n called for!!!!!!!

They need to close the valves that's all man
Made drainage!!!!! More fish will die from mans
Stupidity than from natural causes!!!! Cause lake
Don't drain that fast on its own!!!!!

If it's steelhead retaliated I say f that!!! That's nature!!!

That lake will never rebound!!!! I'm down for a fish

Sorry had to vent!!!! Utter bs bs bs!!!! I have fished
That lake more than 25 yrs just straight pisses me off!!!

I am with you Son makes me mad also ..... >:-(
Yeah and there are some big bass in there they only hit in middle of night I know a guy who got a 13lber outa there last year
You bring the live wells I'll bring my tackle. And I'll drive irrationally behind you so I get pulled over not you.
Dang that's crazy. I saw it was below 3% capacity few weeks ago. I kinda want to drive out there and scope it...just to see. Thanks for the pics!
Yep they jacked up the entire valley with all the bs about keepon the reservoisrs at 35/40 percnt capacity for the last 4 years they dont care about nothin but money :