Uvas Reservoir Pictures 01/06


I took a drive up to see how the storm faired on our local reservoirs and took some pictures in case anyone is interested. These pictures were taken yesterday morning before 10:00 am. Hope this works. I will have some pictures posted of Almaden and Chesbro as well. Check those sites as well if interested. Water was still flowing into them pretty good early in the morning. With a few more good storms we should be back in business by soon.
last one...
Thank's for all the picture's........of all the lake's........ :)
ditto...thanks dude!
thanks a lot, i was really curious as to see how uvas was doing.
cool thanks for the pics the lakes axually came up alot from the rain pretty soon it should be fishable agin i cant wait
Man it nice we can see how the reservoir are doing thanks man.
Awesome post, you may very well be member of the week! ;-)

Seriously, thanks for taking the time to share these photos with us. Most of us live in the area, which is why this site is so different, and it's nice to see what's happening to our local waters.

Thanks again,

Thanks man you just saved me a trip out to Uvas to check it out myself!! ;D ;)
i cant wait for it to be full i love this lake!
Went by Uvas today and it look's about 10' fuller than the picture's you have posted........I also see they do have water running out of it also..........I would like to see a little more water in this lake.........It's about 10 more feet till it hit's the bottom of the ramp,where it begins.....I would like to see the ramp open???????? but I'am starting to wonder about our park's and scwd..... ::)