Uvas water level

Went to Uvas today (12/29) to check out what the San Jose Mercury news reported as 104% capacity. No joke gentlemen, I haven't seen Uvas this full in 10 years!!! Check the pics! If the water level stays up like this through spring when the water clears up, the fishing is gonna be on fire like the old days.
Thats awesome but we all know the bullshit will take uvas down below 50% capacity soon because of some crap about earthquake dam reliability blah blah blah , thanks for the pics it awesome
The reservoirs are built for two main purposes: water storage and flood protection. SCVWD isn't responsible for managing the reservoir for fishing purposes.

If the water level is at high capacity during the winter/spring, any storm will send a ton of water downstream and possibly flood the lower areas.

Also constant spillover messes up the stream bed. The spillover ramp is pretty high from the valve so constant spillover would dig out the bottom really deep and change the channel type.
fred e ,
good pics , always like seeing the lakes full.
I like some of the posts when people respond to these .
Here's the truth , Ender , is right ,--- but he likes the simple answers. The real bottom line is SCVWD paranoia. Several years ago , Anderson flooded the (poorly managed)streams causing damage to housing along the guadalupe river . Thus lots of lawsuits due to way to many lawyers with a cause to chase money . All that resulted in total paranoia at the SCVWD. They have taken a stance of "better safe than sued" . Even when the "consultants" that checked Anderson's DAM safety recommended not to go above 75% capacity , the overpaid , underworked management at SCVWD took it down an other 10% below the recommendatoin and that's exactly why we can't launch boats or toons right now at Anderson . Is this a cause of bad manangement , paranoia and other factors in the system --- yes , all the above .
We all get to pay ever increasing taxes , fee's , licenses etc.... with less access top State Parks and Lakes , what a great coutry we live in !!!!!!!!
tight lines ,
About two years ago.. i slipped from the top of the spillway and went flyall the way to the bottom. I thought o was gonna hit a rock some debris on the way doen. Was lucky tho. Craziest water ride i been on