Vasona Lake / LG Creek - 11.23

We hit Vasona Lake this past weekend in search of some late fall fish - really looking for anything that bites, bluegill, sunfish, any type of panfish, and bass of course would be welcome.

Water level was quite low, at least 3-5 feet lower than a couple months ago in late summer, based on some structure that we’ve fished before. Tossed out basic bobber rig with artificial minnows and grubs and some drop shots, but no takers. Not much evidence of fish at least in the nearshore waters that are reachable from the bank.

Also tried some of the spots down the creek and similar results. Still a nice brisk day and was lovely to be out. With the weather cooling there’s less competition for good fishing spots. Now just got to find some fish to catch :fishing_pole_and_fish: