Want to get trolling motor for raft. LOST & NEED HELP

So I want to get a trolling motor for my raft which is 9 foot long. It's actually the Sevylor Fishhunter 280.

I know I need to buy the Motor, The Motor Mount, and a Battery. Did some reasearch and I think I want the Minn Kota with 40lb thrust.

Do you think this motor would get me moving against the 12MPH-15MPH wind at anderson?

Problem is I don't know what type of battery i want. or how this battery works. How long would the battery last? Is it rechargable? How much does the battery cost?
40lbs is more than enough for a 9 foot raft. Batteries are same as in a cars. Just make sure you get the right voltage (12v or 24v). They are rechargable with a charger. Battery and charger you can get for under $50 if you look around.
How do you recharge the battery?

I also read that I would want a "marine deep cycle" battery. ;|
Teh 40 lbs motor would be the same as a 27 lbs for that size boat, you can oly get so much torque on the boat if you got no traction with the boat. The problem with those boats, cause I got a 360 is that the boat has no keel and gets pushed around like a ballon on water. No lateral force means wasted fore-aft force.

I have a 46 and had a 27, same speed and marginal torque. Driving that boat through wind is hopeless, it'll get you there but it'll take forever. No to put a negative on the topic, but the boat does great in areas with little wind. Good luck with project.
Well I will be fishing with another person hence another 150lbs in the boat.

Would that put more force on top of the boat and utilize the extra thrust?
You should be fine
Ender wrote:
I also read that I would want a "marine deep cycle" battery. ;|

Deep cycling (draining all the way down) a car battery will kill it permanently. That would be an expensive mistake. A deep cycle battery is designed to be fully discharged like you will be doing as you haul in all those fish!