water district and pioneer ponds closed!!!!

they closed the ponds behind pioneer and the water district pond!!!! i was fishn them yesterday and today at school my buddy txted me and said the ranger kicked him out cause the water district people dont want people in there this is sooo gay those ponds are awsome
This seems odd. I'm not sure why your friend got kicked out, perhaps there's some restoration going on that's made it temporarily off limits to the public, but that usually takes place in the summer time.
ya the ranger kicked him out the ranger said that he didnt know why and to find out he gave my buddy a form to send to water district
Murf, this is true and IMO it sucks! The City of San Jose has notihing to do with the closure just the SCVWD. They want no fishing at any of their ponds at all and they want the city Rangers to enforce this. As for why this is happening I still cannot get any reason or straight answers from city supervisors.
Weird. I remember hearing recently about a deal SCVWD might be working out with DFG to allow steelhead fishing in selected stretches of County streams as a trade off for discontinuing all fishing in or around rearing habitats... but my recollection was that the initial phase would affect Coyote Creek only and wouldn't actually become an ordinance for some time.

That's just a guess, though. I'll see if I can get more info.
ya that pisses me off thats my back yard pretty much i always fish those lakes this blows
I had asked the ranger if and when they would start writing tickets and he said they werent going to so I guess you can still fish em until they kick you out.
Thats great .. cause that is literally in my backyard.. I just walk out and throw out a line and there I am....
I like to carp fish in there... BIG ASS CARP in there... 20 and 30's I have seen them on the surface.... fun fun fun