water district and water levels

I wanted to start this topic being I just called the water district too inquire as to why a perc pond/s I fish is now down at least 4 feet in water level. They replied that it's normal for All those types of ponds to allow for rain. I've never seen such an extreme over the past 5 years i've fished.
Instead of gradually reducing the water they just drain it all over a few days. I think it's ridiculous. At least I got a chance to see normally underwater terrain and I cleaned up alot of line and junk.
Unfortunately, that seems to be the norm around here and I'm sure the fisheries suffer because of it. It may be much more involved, but I chalk it up to laziness. It's much easier for them to just "pull the plug" for a day or two rather than a slow, regulated, draw down based upon weather forecasts which can be unpredictable. Better safe than sorry since I assume they would be held responsible for any damage due to flooding.