Waterdog lake?

Is this place any good? Note even just for fish, I like to look for crustaceans and buggers too 8-)
I've fished it different parts of the day, different times of the year, entire water column, and never even had a nibble. Last summer, with the water level all the way up, it looked bassy as hell: Tules, steep rock wall, grass/weedline. I'd really be interested in hearing if anyone else has had luck there.
if you like to look for "waterdogs and newts " go to the ponds behind the spillway at Calero. At times they are loaded with orange/brown newts.
I used to fish it for bass a long time ago , nothing in the one directly behind the spillway , but the one behind the main dam is loaded with bass if you can find a way in and be able to cast(weeds , trees etc...)
good luck ,
I also have fished this small lake 3-4 times with no luck. I have never even seen Bass fry or anything other than little mosquito fish. It is a fun little hike though, and a good place to practice your fishing craft.
I was thinking about making the trip across the bay to check this pond out soon. I heard on another site it is alot like Jordan Pond (Garin Regional in Hayward). Probably has its good times, mid summer would be my guess.