Weekend in the Delta, 3/2-3/4

Well guys...it's about time!

I've never gone out with the boys on an extended fishing trip since marriage and the time has come.

Buddy bought a boat and has rigged it all up. He and his cousin have been heading out there (docked at Bethel Island) almost every weekend to fix it up and get it all ready. Also, to scope out places, but since they're newbies at boat fishing they haven't had much luck.

Leaving Friday night after work and meeting them out there. Will likely head out close to the dock and fish for bass and soak some bait.

As early as our excitement allows we'll be motoring out of the area and hunting for stripers. They like to use cut bait, but I'll be doing a little bit of both cut bait AND plugging! Have white swimbaits, cranks, divers, rebels, bombers and a couple of woodies. We'll see what they like!

Any insight would be much appreciated. Methods, spots, what's going on out there right now, etc...

Very excited. Couldn't even sleep last night. haha!

Wish us luck!

good luck!
watch the tide changes that will help in your chances.. look for the diving birds early in the mornng to..
check some of the other fishing sites for fishing reports and locations if they provided any.
The lrg mouth bite has taken off up on the delta to, cause of the recent warm weather so don't rule them out either.
Most important.. the weather was showing rain for this weekend.. dress warm and be care with the winds and waves. And be safe and smart.
Thanks RL.

Looking at weather.com it seems as though there will be no rain. That would suck if it does, though.

Hope to see some of you guys out there!
Most important WEAR YOUR PFD!!
Grab a pack of senkos and toss them around while you soak bait. I was there last weekend. Caught a good sized bass rolling a spinnerbait through tulies and a few small ones on a rip bait. Look areas with a lot of current if you want to find the stripers.
Thanks gents.

How do you guys think this rain today will affect the fishhing this weekend?
It should makem go whacko feeding ,all the excess running off the levees should bring more food into the river system you should do well!! Good luck post back and wear your PFD when you are out and about the delta is not forgiving if you dismiss her strength!!
T minus 2.5 hours!!!
T minus 2.5 hours!!!
Use bluegills. I haven't caught one on a bluegill myself, but my Dad said some of the locals stated Blue Gills have been working for them right now.
Hope you are slammin' them out there!! Looking forward to da report!
Hey all, what a weekend!

Hope this isn't taboo, but I've done a full report on fishsniffer. Link here: http://www.fishsniffer.com/freshwater-s ... 4-a-3.html
For those too lazy to clicky -

Wow...what a weekend! Truly an adventure. I've never experienced a trip like this before and am so glad I had the opportunity to do so.

As others do sometimes, they post things that are fishing related along with a couple pics of the actual fish, etc. That's what I'll be doing. I'm "postumenting" the trip.

So, here we go...

Friday night we roll out from the Bay Area and head to the market for some last minute chow stuff. We barley make it to Gotcha Bait & Tackle at 8.03p. Thanks to them for staying open for us!!!! Picked up some live jumbo minnows, grass and ghost shrimp, earth worms, clams and chicken liver. We wanted to give them a buffet!

Got to the boat dock and loaded everything up. I hadn't seen my buddies boat before so when I seen it my attention was automatically caught by the front end emblem which was kinda funny cuz it's a bright yellow boat with the autobot symbol. haha

Finally in the water by about 10p and we headed out to Franks Tract area along the Bethel Island shore. We anchored up somewhere in between Piper Slough and Russo's Marina just so that we'd have a chill night and kick back without too much current.

Should've stuck around here. Ended up to be the best spot cuz that's where the only striper came from! Tried swimbaits, cranks and plugs. No takers.

The way I see it, we learned a lot from this trip, so everything we experienced was just that...experience.

2am - Pic of my buddy with his second striper ever (sorry the quality isn't the best). Caught on grass shrimp on a sliding sinker rig -

In the morning right before sun-up we saw about 40 bass boats coming through next to us. I guess there was a bass derby or something?

Gorgeous -

Didn't sleep much. It was damn cold! I had multiple layers of clothes on including my snow gear and I was still a bit cold. We had blankets so that helped and we also had my little honda generator which we plugged our electronics to; including a small portable heater. It helped, but it would've been a good idea to have the entire back of the boat covered properly to retain the heat (note taken).

Once we had breakfast, which was cooked on the boat with a port camping stove , we headed toward Rio Vista via the Threemile Slough. Stopped every so often when we tracked fish and tried to plug here and there without any luck.

We get over by the Rio Vista bridge and nothing is really going on. There are only a few boats and we do track a few fish here and there, but no one seems to be having any luck either. Most fish were tracked in deeper water there. Currents were really strong so that made things a bit more difficult. We decided to make a move a little after an hour or so up past Ryer Ferry. We marked A LOT o' fish and even saw what looked like sturgeon breaching. We saw quite a few breachings throughout that stretch of water. Tried to fish it, but no luck. Tried a few of the sloughs in between Ryer Ferry and Rio Vista bridge, but we decided to keep out of those waters. It may have been a better bet since the area to cover is much smaller than the main channel there. But we decided to dock close to the shore on the east bank of the channel about a 1/2 mile above the Ferry.

Tracked a lot of fish. Nothing too large, but we'd see small schools of fish pass us. The larger fish we saw were alone and, again, down low. We held at about 35' of water and it was almost always right around 50 degrees.

We ended up catching about 10 cats all on liver, clam and one on an earthworm using hi/lo rigs, circle hooks and about 5 oz of weight. Most bait was miracle thread wrapped since the currents were so heavy. The last cat we caught was at about 12am.

Here's a pic of the larger kitty that was caught. Still small, but fun since I used my ultra light tackle rod/reel -

Took a nap after this little bugger.

Before sundown -

At sun up -


Kinda rough night. Head hurt and felt kinda weird due to too much sun, little to no sleep and lots of beer/jack! haha

Found that this...
...does NOT help in tight quarters. NO BUENO!

Lesson learned, be minimalistic, clean, organized and best prepared! Less is more in this situation. Fatigue sets in easy when the previously mentioned items get factored in on a messy boat.

A clean and organized boat goes a long way and produces smiling faces (well, at least one) -

Went off for our morning stop at the Delta Marina to freshen ourselves up and top off the fuel tank.

Looked for fish close to the banks down river on the West side of the Sac River (keep calling it Rio Vista), but didn't notice much action. Quite a few boats were out there fishing and everyone had the same story...no luck.

Went around Decker Island to explore the area. Fished a few spots, but no go. Clocked one fish through that whole area. Pretty hard for me to believe since a lot of that area looked like prime fishing grounds.

Got back to the Rio Vista bridge and anchored up where we were the night before, but no luck. Not even kitties. No fish were being clocked either.

Heard over the radio that there were quite a few people up the river and at the Sherman Lake area doing well and we contemplated going, but we had spent a lot of money on gas already and we were pretty beat.

So, with that, we packed it up and made our way back to the dock. Had an interesting time getting back to the dock, but that's a different story that's kinda embarrassing, so I'll omit. haha

Again, this trip was my first so I used it as a learning/exploring trip and to have fun. I learned and experienced a lot and had a blast with my buddies - trip was a success!

My buddy that owns the boat brought his laptop and video camera and recorded quite a bit of the trip so when he has the video ready I'll probably post that too if it's ok with him.

One more of our delta dawns...
That looks like a lot of fun! Nice channel cat and striper.
little small guys, but both were well worth the trip. will definitely go for their big brothers next time!