Weekend of fishing! Just Father and Son...

hey all.

the girls went off to my daughter's soccer tourney in davis for the weekend and the boys stayed back for my son's soccer game on saturday.

what do the boys do...? FISH!!!!

i knew my boy was going to be pretty tired after his game so we decided to go to santa cruz wharf so that we could park and fish rather than park, walk with boat load of gear, fish, walk back to truck with boat load of gear.

i thought that the macks were going to be really active, but they weren't. we only got a few good hits and only saw one good school come through 8 hours we were there. weirdly it was of sardine. my boy caught three, but lost two on the way up. he caught a few lizard fish that he enjoyed since he had never caught them before. i ended up with about 3 decent sized king fish. we kept all the decent sized fish since we knew we would hit another place up on sunday and used them for bait.

santa cruz was REALLY nice! gorgeous day. saw a few ppl come in from the rental skiffs with quite a nice sack of fish. they're still doing well out there!

anyhow, left the wharf at about 10p or so.

woke up sunday morning and decided to hit berkeley pier up. looked VERY promising, but had little luck. lots of top baitfish out, but nothing was hitting. stuck around for about 1.5 hours and decided to split. went to our little honey hole instead and right away started to bring up the perch. from small to med/large shiners, walleye and rubberlips.

nothing large hit out there either. just perch. my son decided to see about the crab and also caught about 15 in total. let most of them go and kept just a few for grandma.

over all, two beautiful days to be out on the water! plus some good father and son time. alone...just him and i.

very cool!

hope you all had some fishing time this weekend!

sorry...no pics. was too busy fishing this go around. [green]

Priceless. Years from now, your boy will be telling someone about this time together... guaranteed.
Nice post braddah! Thank you for sharing! Makes me miss my dad.
thx man!

i'm sure you had plenty of time with pops, right? remember that when you're out n about!

it's rare that i get to spend alone time with my son so we kinda cherish it when we can.

it gets difficult at times with him being a teen now, but over all he's a good boy and i hope that fishing keeps him distracted from the bad stuff!
sounds like good times, my dad doesnt come out to fish anymore but when I bring home a good fish hes really happy
Yeah, sounds like my dad a bit. I have to really bug him to come out with me most times.

Not that he's not able to just preoccupied with other things.

One of my best memories fishing was on a Father's Day quite a few years back. Had to bug him a bit to convince him to fish just him n I.

Well, turned out to be a great idea! Caught my personal best striper in a very narrow freshwater slough. What a fight! Once the fish was tired out I was so amped and didn't want to lose him so i jumped in the water behind the fish with a net while my dad held the rod to make sure the fish didn't make another run and lose him!

I was all muddy and wet but I landed my fish!!

We were both so happy and pumped!!

Nothing like landing a large stripe like that...nothing except landing it with your pops!

Good times!