Weird guy around percs

Today after school i was fishing alone along the LG creek by the perc ponds. A guy came up behind me and said hi. i turned around and said hello back.
He asked me to go home, saying what i was doing was "murdering" and to throw my fishing rods away. he had a hostile demeanor but said that he "wasn't looking for a fight" I said no thank you and continued fishing. He watched me for another minute or so before leaving. Has anyone encontered this type of thing when fishing around the perc ponds? TBH it scared the [8|] out of me.
Just stay away from the crackpipe before fishing and you'll be just fine lol jk.

But yeah, never encountered such things. That was kinda weird.
Good thing nothing happened.

Sometimes I stay out as it's getting dark and when it does I stick my filet knife under my belt, just in case.
yeah i might start doing that too.. wasn't really thinking about that kinda stuff though, fishing around los gatos
Crazy you put that topic up. A week ago at the 7-11 pond a guy stood 3 feet behind me and watched me fish. I turned around and said hello, and no reply. He continued standing there for the next 10 minutes in silence hovering over me so I politely asked him to move as he was in the way of me casting. He didnt, so I pulled out my pocket knife and set it on the fence post opened. He eventually got the picture. I always carry a pocketknife for this reason, I run into squatters alot because of my habit of fishing real early or late solo. Another time 2 weird guys came up on me at sunset at Stevens creek reservoir, they seemed to be eyeing my gear. Just stood there annoyingly close talking amongst themselves pointing at my gear bag and second rod, I just packed my stuff and left. Im a buck thirty soaking wet, but I will fight for what is mine. Be careful out there, not everyone is just out to have a good time. Tight lines, with safety in mind.
Wow, these are scary stories. Good thing nothing happened to you guys, but then again if something had happen, you might not be here to tell us.

I heard some scary stuff out in Delta, including some pirates. I hear some are carrying guns while they fish. I thing it is legal to carry gun while fishing in California.

I wonder what you all doing to protect yourself. I probably should at least carry knife. But for me, if someone try to take my stuff, I wouldn't fight. Not worth it.
Never had a problem out there. Never had anyone tell me I'm murdering fish either,come to think of it. Lots of weird guys out there, but mostly just to hang out and ride their bikes around. I always have a knife in my tackle box too, but then again I'm 6'2" 240 lbs. and not too many people mess with me. If any of you are out there and have a problem like that just look for the big guy with a beard in a Giants hat with a 6 year old boy-that'll be me. I'm more than capable of taking care of it.
Yep thats stuff happening more and more around local ponds and reservoirs
Always have to be at the ready :( sucks glad know altercation took place
hybrid90 wrote:
Just stay away from the crackpipe before fishing and you'll be just fine lol jk.

hahahaha. You gotta be careful of the meth addicts! A lot of times when I've been fishing, I notice a lot of broken meth pipes and used baggies around, especially the San Jose pond areas. I've witnessed people smoking meth under a tree at Coleman so thats not a good sign for that area. That's why anytime I'm fishing at Coleman or Oakridge alone, dark or not, I ALWAYS carry a knife, a good hefty one at that.

good thing this person didn't take things further, at least he just said what he felt the need to say and left it at that.
Yeah fishing past that colmen bridge close to the light rail lots of alcohol swaps as well needles syringes , yeah be careful always fish with a partner as the daylight is fading i have had to leave fairly quickly a ouple nights
Speaking of druggies and meth.. be careful fishing around the Rio Vista Bridge on the bank in the Delta. Numerous times I've been approached by some dudes in a truck asking if I wanna buy Marijuana or go to a party.. I mean WTF?

Also, one time this crackwhore looking chick limps up to me and just stands there for about 5 minutes then asked me if I have any type of drugs or pills on me... umm no, was my reply. [8|]

Like BangBang, I always carry a Rambo type camping knife either in my backpack or on the side of my hip just in case.
WOW! Been lucky no one has given me any problems fishing local ponds. Be safe out there guys.
Also I don’t think they want a face full of treble hooks from a 10” swimbait hahaha. But a SEAL PUP fasten to my belt that I use to cut my line may also be a deterrent. [green]
Tight lines,
Ummm sorry guys, I was just trying to be friendly. ;-)
Winddog wrote:
Ummm sorry guys, I was just trying to be friendly. ;-)

LOL why didn't you say so? I think I had my pepper spray unclipped and ready to go! [green]
I had a jogger slow down and tell me there's no fish in there and I yelled back at him that he's not losing any weight either.

In regards to oakridge. You definitely need to be alert of your surroundings. A lot of addicts camped around the creek and if they spot something they can steal easily they will. Your pole can always double as a weapon. Put the end of your pole with a hook in front of someone that is threatening and the likelihood is they will walk.
blackbag wrote:
I had a jogger slow down and tell me there's no fish in there and I yelled back at him that he's not losing any weight either.

Glad it didnt go any further. One time at Coleman some crackhead lady walked up and just watched my brother and I fish and started talking bout how she saw some fish jump in the other ponds. And kept saying it over and over again. She must have said the same few things about 5 different times. Than a male jogger comes by and this crackhead starts yelling how the jogger attacked her and how the "white man" keeps trying to bring her down, and the jogger just laughed and looked at us and said "Ha! Crackheads!"
I always take a pocket knife with me fishing, stay safe!
Yeah its jacked up all these frikkin cracks around these ponds amd lakes whats happening to the good ol USA
yeah i start to get nervous fishing by myself around dusk especially after school on weekdays some strange people are around..
Its better to be safe and be able to fish another day, i have just made sure fish with a partner

I thought if you fished erly AM chance would improve not to be harrased by the heads , but they are up all night and jacked up

Just be safe protect yourself , fish with a freind be safe ,