What a Day...

I ended up getting up early this morn, and hit the local ponds. Took the float tube out to get on the water faster. Nice and cold this morning, water temp at around 50 and clear down to 7-8 feet. Â
Didnt expect much today cause I was only gonna fish for a couple hours. But boy was I wrong.

Right from the get go, fish on!!! Nice smallieImage
It came to me as a shock cause I wasnt even really awake yet, but after the fight  :o
Got right back out there and Bam!!!Image
Little guy but still a fighter......
Found 5 more about this size in the same area and then moved back a bit.
Next castImage
Fattie!!!!! :D :D close to 4lb!!!
Then I noticed the ripples on the water getting bigger and decided to call it a day....But what a day!!!
DUDE THAT IS AWESOME!!!! I'm gonna catch a smallie sooner or later. They put up a good fight huh?
Nice fish Rick!!! I remember catchin smallies at Trinity, those 2 and 3 lbers fight like they are 7 or 8 lb large mouths.
yep, put up a hell of a fight. And great jumpers too!!!
Where did you go find smallies at if you don't mind posting? I only know of one lake, with out going over the altomont, that has smallies. They do fight good! I was at Tulloch this weekend hoping for a smallie bite, but only got a few largemouth.
nice smallies those are great fish to catch the only lake i have caught them at is lake san antonio great pics 8-)len
Nice FISH RICK!!!!!! :o :o :o

Still have yet to LAND A BRONZE BACK!!!!!!
I believe Quarry Lakes in Fremont has smallies.. and as mentioned San Antonio And Naci has 'em too
But its very rare to hook up into a smallie at nacimento.
But its very rare to hook up into a smallie at nacimento.

Ya pretty rare to hook a smallie at quarry too.......
Nice fish I hope to hit up a lake like san antonio some times soon cause i heard there already on beds.
I was just there a week ago... 8th and 9th and the lake had just turned over.. fish were all holding in 8 to 15 ft.. tried everything with no luck.. so by now the lake have settled down and maybe better now...
So it might be better.. good luck and please let us know how you did!!
I know the bite is great at nacimento you will probably go through a lot of little spots but still a lot of fun. I got them on drop shot and shakey head. I'l let you know how it goes if i do end up going to san antonio.
niceee fish rick those look like some fighters ;)